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City Experience

Year 9
City Experience

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PA Square


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Athletics Carnival 14 August 2018

All students are expected to attend.  Concent to this event is on Compass

Wantirna College relaunches the House Competition

The student leaders led by the College Captains have worked throughout Semester One to discuss and collect feedback regarding the possibility of the reintroduction of the house system. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from both staff and students. Therefore, Wantirna College is excited to announce the re-introduction of the House Program.sports

Each student was assigned one of the four School Houses – Byrne, Collier, Mason and Rees when they enrolled at the college. The houses are named after four families who settled on the land which Wantirna College is built. Each House has their own colour and will have their own mascot and crest that represents the house. Students will have a key role in the selection and design of the mascot and logo in the House Art Competition. The student house leaders will work closely with staff leaders to develop the values and motto of each house. 

The House events will be a great way for students to develop friendships and connect with students across different year levels. House events will be running throughout the year and in 2018 will include the Athletics Carnival, House Sport, House Singing Competition, the Art Competition, and a Charity Drive. In future years we aim to include other events that in school life including Public Speaking, Debating, Cross Country, Swimming, and Performing Arts.

The House with the most accumulated points wins the House Cup at the end of each year.

Term 3 2018 

6 - 10 August- Course Selection Days

14 August - College Athletics

8 - 11 August College Production

15 - 18 August College Production

27 - 31 August Year 9 City Experience

19 September unit 4 Music Performance Recital

19 September  Parent Teacher Interviews

21 September last day of Term (early dismissal 2:30pm)

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Absence Hotline

If your child is not attending school today, please advise us by calling the 24-hour Absence Hotline on 9881 7111