The process for students entering Wantirna College at Year 7 will be a different process for students requiring placement in Year 8 to 12.

Year 7 Enrolment Process

If your child is enrolled in a State Primary School when they are in Year 6, the Primary School will provide you with Year 7 Transition information and documents in the April of that year.  The Transition forms request you to list three secondary schools in order of your preference.  If you want your child to attend Wantirna College, it is advisable to list the school as your first preference.  This form is returned to your Primary School by a stipulated date which is set by the Department of Education and Training.  This date is the same for the whole state.  

If you child attends an Independent School you will be required to contact Wantirna College’s Transition coordinator.


This map indicates the Wantirna College Neighbourhood.

2013 CS NORTH EASTERN VICTORIA S8428 C1 Wantirna College Secondary